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An original Nick's Lobster House sign on Flatbush Avenue that reads "Nick's Lobster: Fresh Fish Market".
A view of the Brooklyn Waterfront from Nick's Lobster House outdoor patio.

About the Restaurant

Brooklyn's seafood market since 1955

Nick’s Lobster House is a family-owned company that embodies the spirit of warmth, hospitality, and quality. 


Established in 1955 by fisherman and owner, “Big Nick”, Nick’s began with a single lobster shack along Flatbush Avenue where Big Nick would sell lobsters right off his boat to passersby. In the mid-seventies, his children decided it would be a good idea to add a full-fledged fish market to service the surrounding neighborhoods' growing need for quality seafood. 

They also opened up a small side kitchen and fish market where they could fry sole and shrimp for hungry customers who weren't in the mood for steamed lobsters...which was always a struggle to choose between! By 1983, word had spread quickly so they added an oyster bar where you are now able to enjoy fresh clams & oysters! 

Fast forward a few decades and you now can find our Historic Seafood restaurant in the heart of South Brooklyn. Our space features multiple dining rooms, including an outdoor deck that all faces the Mill Basin waterfront, and is still owned by the same family that decided to sell lobsters on Flatbush Ave over 60 years ago.  Nick’s Lobster House is now run by General Manager and Executive Chef Dimitrios Karousis.

The Executive Chef and General Manager at Nick's Lobster House: Dimitrios Karousis.

General Manager and Executive Chef

Dimitrios Karousis

Dimitrios helps create a warm, professional, and family-like atmosphere here at Nick's Lobster House. He's passionate about providing a great experience for guests and preparing scrumptious food using fresh ingredients so that every dish is crafted with care and attention. He is an integral part of our team and a key to the success of our restaurant.

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